XP Digital’s Digital Advertising platform offers a unique opportunity which gives exposure to your brands, directly to the consumer in retail pharmacies.

XP Digital High Definition LED Screens installed in the dispensaries of 155 Dis-Chem & 32 Pick n Pay Outlets nationwide. These screens run a 14 - 16 minute loop of captivating video content with advertising slots for 10’, 15’, 20, 25 to 30 seconds adverts with no audio. The display solution also offers entertainment content to keep the audience captivated and focused on the display during the 14 - 16 minute customer dwell time spent at the dispensary.

Here's why XP Digital is awesome!


Captive audience with average 14 to 16 Minutes customer dwell time

A unique way to reach consumers queuing at the dispensary. An average of 14 - 16 minutes dwell time means customers are will see your adverts.


Guaranteed exposure and measurable ROI

Your brand is exposed to consumers for an average 10.75hrs p/m* or 21156* Impressions per month, with a recall rate greater than Television at 12.5%.


12 million consumers per month through Dis-Chem & Pick 'n Pay

Over 9 million of these consumers pass through the Dis-Chem & Pick 'n Pay pharmacy dispensary, thus guaranteeing you a captive audience.


Great entertainment content that  keeps consumers engaged

our advertising loop features some of the funniest video content sourced locally and internationally, guaranteed to captivate audiences.


Advertise to customers at the point of purchase

A unique opportunity to educate consumers while instore before the golden mile when consumers get to the till points.


Driving sales, brand awareness and education

The XP Digital platform offers many opportunities to engage your customer and drive sales through brand awareness or educational campaigns.

Platform Oppotunities

10 - 30 sec TVC's

In 155 Dis-Chem & 32 Pick n Pay Outlets


Showcase your brands in Dis-Chem and Pick 'n Pay when you advertise on our flagship in-store TV channel. Advertisers can choose from a 10 second ad to a full 30 second TV commercial, advertising or educating consumers about their product offerings.

Our video-only channel is the ideal advertising channel with a recall rate higher than broadcast TV. XP Digital provides a unique way to reach over 9 million consumers every month.

Educational TVC's

"Did you know" & Quizzes


Whether its a brand awareness campaign or giving consumers everyday "facts" about any subject of interests, educational TVC's provides a fun and engaging way to interact with consumers.

By utilising clever quizzes or "did you know" based educational content, consumer attention remains on the screens while they wait at the dispensary. Did you know and quizzes can be tailored to the advertisers' brands

Entertainment Content

Extreme sports & funny "Prank" videos.


Our entertainment content keeps consumers engaged on our in-store TV channel, which in turn gives brands the opportunity to advertise to an already captive audience queuing at the dispensary.

XP Digital content is sourced from a repository of highly captivating extreme sports videos as well as funny "Prank" videos.

What they say about XP Digital

The World Health Organisation (WHO) Endorsement of XP Digital

"GroupM would like to thank XP Digital for the assistance and support with the World Health South African campaign during COVID-19 lockdown. Their platform allows us to get vital health messaging to key large audiences on their screens located in Dis-Chem and Pick N Pay Pharmacies during this challenging time." -  Kirsty Carlson, Head of GroupM OOH

When advertising, marketers need to fish where the fish are or if health-related, target consumers in pharmacies. This is precisely the approach that Momentum Health took in its five-month brand and product awareness campaign. Momentum.

Effective Communication for Mediology

“…we are confident that our message was communicated effectively to over 5.1 million consumers per month during the campaign period and would recommend partnering with XP Digital™ as a highly professional company” –  Mediology

Taking the message to the consumer!

“…we successfully took our message to consumers at the height of winter within Dis-Chem and Clicks pharmacies utilising XP Digital™” - Johnson & Johnson


XP Digital™ communicates the benefits of Momentum Health

XP Digital™, Exceptionally Effective marketing tool for growing your brand

“…we needed to create awareness and generate sales as quickly as possible. XP Digital™ has been an exceptionally effective marketing tool, as we saw an almost immediate effect on sales” – Omega Labs

Introducing new products to the market

“…following a launch campaign where our product was introduced to customers visiting Clicks and Dis-Chem, we extended the campaign by a further two months” – Mentholatum

Reach the right audience

“…to reach the captive audience queuing in Clicks and Dis-Chem pharmacies, we selected the XP Digital™ platform to highlight the importance of donating blood” – SANBS


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