Best Monster Truck Games Android Apps

Best Monster Truck Games Android Apps

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Puzzles and logic games brings lot of smart entertainment which makes them my favourites. I think I don't even play something else, at least not for a long time. Puzzles could be played for hours, without getting bored by repeating same action, also lot of logic games has random level generator (like Bubble Breakers) or are somehow randomized, so you don' t play same levels again and again. They sharpen your mind and train patience, which is useful for everybody.

Puzzle games are one of the best ways of entertainment if you have some free time. It also helps us to sharp our mind. There are a number of apps coming every day because Android OS is one of the most famous operating systems around the world. You can enjoy these games at the time of travelling or any other time when you want to play. Here we are providing the top 11 best Puzzle games for Android available that can provide you lot of fun.


Woodebox is puzzle game, where you have to combine movable blocks into final shape. This basic principle is similar like Tangram, but there is lot of shapes and blocks, and there are obstacles which makes you feel like you really move wooden blocks in the box.

Bubble Blast 2:

This is one of the most famous Android Puzzle games available in the Android market. It is an addictive game and every level appears to be more interesting than the previous one. It is a free game.

Parking Car:

Finding a good spot to park your car is really annoying, apparently some developer thought this could be a great puzzle game and here it is. It is called Parking Car, the goal in the game is to make the traffic flow by getting the red car out of the chaos. It is a simple idea, but does require some brain juice.


Simply put, Osmos is an absorption game. You control a single-celled organism + called a +mote' + which can absorb or be absorbed by other motes. If you come in contact with a mote larger than you, it sucks on your mote's mass till you lose contact. Touch a smaller mote and its mass get added to yours. To move around, you eject bits of your own mass to generate the necessary thrust. The basic objective in most levels is to become the biggest mote in the neighbourhood.

The game is according to its name. Here you have to slide various pieces so that you can get a perfect picture. The objective of this game is to form a specific shape using all the seven pieces, which may not overlap. It is free of cost.


Does not look very interesting, but it is an extremely addictive game. The goal in the game is to drag your fingers through the stars and connect them to form a constellation, but without going backwards. It does get very challenging at certain levels.


This game really checks the mental ability. The goal is to eliminate similar Mahjong tiles. You will be deeply challenged to eliminate all pieces from the board.


The Apparatus Android App by Bithack is a puzzle based game in which you must get a marble into a blue bucket. This is an excellent game for all of you puzzle and logic fans out there. The game involves taking several pieces and connecting them in order to send a little marble into its blue home. The game is very well designed and the full version offers many more levels over the paid version. The game involves thinking and analytical skills and can get quite challenging at times. This is one of the most fun puzzle games on the Android market.

Block Puzzle 2:

A great puzzle game with an extremely simple objective - use the available blocks to fill the empty box. It has Tetris-like blocks scattered around the screen and you have to fit them inside the shaded region, and to make it challenging you cannot rotate the blocks.

Mouse Trap:

Yet another most addictive puzzle game on android. Move blocks away and help the mouse escape laboratory. Discover bonuses and gain coins as you unblock.

X Construction:

The X Construction Android App by CrossConstruct is a bridge building, physics based game where the object is to build a bridge with the given amount of girders to get the train safely cross the valley. Each level presents different challenges that you will need to over come by designing and building the proper bridge for that specific challenge.

Burn the Rope: Worlds and Friends

This is a great game and one of my personal favorites, mainly because it's a quite a lot of unique levels and each is more challenging than the former. The objective in the game is to burn as much rope as possible without letting any of the flames burn out. The flames only burn upwards hence you need to keep rotating the phone for the flames to continue to burn. is a platform where you can get the latest knowledge about Motorola Atrix, Motorola Xoom, Motorola Droid and all Motorola Devices.